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Ezy Planter


Designed and developed by award winning Tammin farmer/engineer the late Dennis Chatfield. Ideal for successful, safe, speedy establishment of trees, oil mallees, understorey shrubs, saltbush, tagasaste, vines and pines. Potted or bare rooted stock.

Tractor drawn “Landcare” model or 3 Point Linkage, “Contractors” model. Many optional extras including tractor drawn carrier for 3 Point Linkage unit, seedling counter, direct seeding dispenser, herbicide dispenser, stereo, tool box or lights for working at night. Can also have extra storage shelves and camera view from tractor…

Many more options are available to suit your needs!!

All built at our workshop in Tammin by Dustin and our team at Chatfield’s



  • Padded, adjustable seat


  • Fully Enclosed cab
  • 12V Cab communication horn
  • Safety belt
  • Safety hand rail
  • Steps


  • 2000 PLUS seedlings per hour


  • Removes weeds
  • Rips
  • Tiered seedling shelves
  • Semi automatic
  • Accurate spacing
  • Presses

By using a unique system of planter arms on a rotating chain, planting seedlings has never been easier.

Weight: 2090 kg Width: 2150mm

Height: 2850mm Length: 4550mm

Tractor Required: 125 HP + FWA

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