Growing Info

Chatfield’s Nursery grows up to 3 million seedlings for

  • individuals
  • landcare groups
  • farmers
  • re-vegetation suppliers
  • mining companies
  • whoever wants seedlings!!!

We grow Australian species

  • Eucalyptus
  • Melaleucas
  • Acacias
  • Oil Mallees
  • ANAMEKA ™ Elite Forage Shrub
  • Saltbush
  • many more seedlings for individual customer’s specific needs


Chatfield’s have been committed since 1979, supplying not only the best quality trees, locally grown, weather hardened and good tree planter size, but also provides the best overall service aimed at your successful results in the ground Chatfield’s specialise in propagating quality Australian eucalyptus trees, saltbush and fodder, oil mallees and understorey shrubs. Whatever your specific requirements Chatfield’s have the range to suit.

Our staff begin seeding in October to December, with seed sourced from reputable seed suppliers. We begin thinning in January to April to ensure there is one centralised seedling in each cell. We begin grading in May until delivery to get each tray even and to standard. All of this time, we are making sure the seedling you plant in the ground is the best that it can be.

**This is why we ask that orders can be in as early as possible so we can source your seed and make sure it grows successfully over the 7-10 months in the nursery.**

Our trays have a capacity of 64, 72 or 100 seedlings in each. The trays are root trainers specifically designed to encourage the roots of the seedling to grow downwards. When delivered each tray is “popped” to ensure the seedlings are easy to remove from the tray when planting. Chatfield’s are accredited with the nursery and garden industry in WA (NGIWA) proving that we propagate and provide the best quality seedling with best practice. We have a transport system consisting of multilevel covered crates allowing the delivery of up to 84000 seedlings per load. We also have trailers available for hire to customers if needed.

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