All prices are plus GST

Seedlings range from $0.60-$3.50 plus GST depending on ease of germination and seed cost.

Minimum orders for 2022 is 5 trays – 320 trees

  • Most Seedlings are in trays of 64
  • ANAMEKA, Oldman and Rivermore saltbush are in trays of 72
  • Half and half trays are $100 per tray of 64 including GST (2 species per tray) *5 trays min or other bulk trees orders
  • Mixed seedlings are $150 per tray of 64 including GST (3-8 species per tray) *5 trays min or other bulk trees orders
  • Mixed seedlings may be available at the end of the season – watch posts on Twitter and Facebook!

I will send you a deposit invoice – 40% deposit (non-refundable) is required to secure your order.
In March I will send you a progressive payment invoice – 40% progressive payment
20% balance at delivery or pick up.

If ordering in/after March the deposit and progress payment will be combined 80% and balance at delivery or pickup

Less than 1000 trees (16 trays) $64 per tray for 64, $72 per tray of 72 (saltbush)
*Depending on species
Some are more expensive due to species due to price of seed or difficult to germinate or grow, some are hand seeded or singularly transplanted.

ANAMEKA pricing
$0.85 per seedling usually in trays of 72
*Less than 504 trees, $1.25 +GST per seedling. (7 trays in 72’s)

We can also grow your seed

CELL TRAYS – If we can seed thru the seeding machine the cost is $0.70 per seedling – as we have to keep it separate from stock and treat it like an individual species – if nothing grows we charge $25 per tray. We will let you know within 2 months of sowing if this has occurred.

FLAT TRAYS – We charge $30 plus GST per “flat tray” PLUS the cost of the seed if we have to purchase it (including postage from the supplier) to germinate the seedlings if small amounts, difficult to grow or unknown species we have not grown
We transplant germinated seedlings into cell trays and charge $1.50 -$2.50 per seedling
(These are hand planted – thus cost is more.)

Forestry tubes at a cost of $3.50

**(Please note this is a guide – prices depend on species and amount ordered.)**

Other services

  • Delivery available (from Kalbarri to Esperance, Perth to Kalgoorlie and everywhere in between) – charged as a milk run or direct delivery depot to depot.
  • Several Chatfield Tree Planters are available for use during the season – charged out per day
  • Contract Planting using the Chatfield Tree Planter
  • Consulting services – free if purchasing trees

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