Anameka Saltbush

Orders are now all on a waiting list subject to availability. 

If we cannot supply you will have the first option for next season

Anameka grown in fieldChatfield’s were awarded the National Licence to grow ANAMEKA Saltbush TM   in 2015

We deliver Anameka state wide and post or courier to the east. 

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We are growing approximately 400,000 AnamekaTM  for the 2016/17 season.  Limited to the cutting material available.

Each seedling is $0.75 plus GST in trays of 72. There is a 40% deposit on order, 40% progressive payment in April and 20% at pick up or delivery.

 Denis and Ellen Mitchell from Wongan Hills Tree Farm are contract growing AnamekaTM  with us.  Orders can go through them, however you will receive a separate invoice for the AnamekaTM  part of your tree order from Chatfield’s

Please contact us if you are interested and we can email you information, or discuss your growing requirements!

Dustin 0427371075  or Lisa 0429371076 at Chatfield’s





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