colmax-horizontal-merges COL-MAX trays come in a choice of 64 cell and 72 cell size

  • COL-MAX ”root trainer” trays continue to be manufactured and owned by an Australian Company.
  • COL-MAX “root trainer” cell design will give you a healthy seedling with excellent root development and if racked correctly the roots are trained to the base of the cell and air pruned. (No need for root retardant paint). The cell tray is designed (open grid base and root training ribs) to ensure healthy root development.
  • COL-MAX “root trainer” cell trays are designed and used extensively in successful Australian nurseries for a wide variety of native species, including oil mallees, farm forestry, landscape , revegetation and understorey shrubs.
  • COL-MAX “root trainer” cell trays are light and easy to handle when full, when empty they stack and inter-nest for economical storage.
  • COL-MAX “root trainer” trays can be labelled with your nursery name and phone number for easy identification if required. (Label once only fee. Order minimum of 840 trays. Leed time approx. 2 weeks).
  • COL-MAX “root trainer” trays are manufactured from stabilised virgin material to ensure maximum trays life.

We have proven the superior qualities of COL-MAX seedling trays in our own nursery and found many contracts now stipulate propagation in COL-MAX trays as part of contract specifications. Apart from the long term saving on expenses – not having to replace trays annually, we feel confident choosing to use the COL-MAX tray system in your nursery will result in quality seedlings with superior root development




64-tray-1 64 CELL TRAYS

  • Tray 345 x 290 x 54mm
  • Cell 34 x 34 x 53
  • Volume per Cell 49cc
  • Trays per Pallet 840 (53,760 cells)
72-tray-2 72 CELL TRAYS

  • Tray 345 x 290 x 52mm
  • Cell 34 x 34 x 52mm
  • Volume per Cell 45cc
  • Trays per Pallet 840 (60,480 cells)
64-tray-2   72-tray-1