Meet the Team

If you are in business you know that the hardest thing to find is good staff

Well, we have clearly the best staff anyone could ask for. You could not find a group of diverse people that all get along so well, are so passionate about everything they do, willing to help in any way possible to better our business, have such pride in our service and product and are so protective of Chatfield’s reputation and ability to provide for each and every customer.

We cannot speak highly enough of them. And truly believe that they are not just employees but a sacred part of our family.

We feel very lucky to have these wonderful people to work with……


Lisa and Dustin McCreery

Dustin and Lisa McCreery
Owners of Chatfield’s Tree Nursery and Chatfield Engineering


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Raeline Thomson
 Team member since 2003
Raeline works in the nursery as a horticulturalist and trainer. She lives in Tammin with her husband David. Raeline is our longest serving team member.  And part of the furniture… we are so pleased that she keeps coming back!!!


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Susan Donovan
 Team member since 2005
Sue works in the nursery as a horticulturalist and trainer. Sue lives in Cunderdin with her husband. She is originally from England, but we are glad she calls Australia home!


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Luke Scannell
Joined our team in 2008
Luke is our head foreman in the engineering department. Hailing originally from New Zealand we have nearly coerced him in to staying forever (as long as he goes back for hunting every now and again)

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Sonia Kickett
Joined our team in 2008
Sonia works in the nursery as a horticulturalist and trainer. Our chief crate mover and weed walker! She lives in Tammin town with her partner, Roddy.

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Gabrielle McQuie
Joined our team in 2014
Gabrielle is our second in charge extraordinaire. I do not know what I did without her!! I tell her a few things that we need to do, and she does the rest! She organises the day to day running of the nursery, oversees what is going on and keeps everyone motivated! She has a uni degree in Environmental Science (although I am not sure if this is what she was thinking it would lead to!!)

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Rikki-lee Shaw
Joined our team in 2014
Rikki-lee is our most bright and bubbly employee.  Always positive and great to have around.  She came to us to fill in some time and that was 3 years ago… we mustn’t be too bad to work for!

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Charmaine Sprag
Joined our team in 2015
Charmaine came to Tammin to renovate a house with her husband, Neil. We have been lucky enough to snavel her up and get her working out here with us! She has a keen interest in plants and always surprises us with fun facts on a variety of topics!



Chatfield’s employ up to 8 backpackers on a casual basis from January to July each year.

We can assist with their 2nd year visa when needing up to 3 months work.

Many stay for much longer!!!

You have to be hard working, willing to follow instructions (as it is on the job training) and be able to get along with everyone! Contact us if you feel you could be part of our team.