Western Australian Tree Nursery and Metal Fabrication

located in Tammin, Central Wheatbelt.

Chatfields Tree Nursery and Chatfield Engineering have been providing Western Australia with quality products since 1979.

Chatfield’s Nursery

grows up to 3 million seedlings

  • individuals
  • landcare groups
  • farmers
  • re-vegetation suppliers
  • companies

We grow Australian species

  • Eucalyptus
  • Melaluecas
  • Acacias
  • Oil Mallees
  • ANAMEKA ™ Elite Saltbush
  • Saltbush
  • many more seedlings for individual customer’s specific needs.

Chatfield Engineering

builds the Chatfield EzyPlanter and Chatfield Original Planter.

We are able to service, refurbish and rebuild all Chatfield Tree Planters and stock all parts.

Chatfield Engineering are able to

  • manufacture,
  • modify,
  • repair,
  • sandblast and
  • paint all machinery.

We are able to complete many kinds of work including

  • straightening header fronts
  • re-flighting augers
  • fabrication
  • steel supply
  • trailer building
  • custom builds 
  • modify items specifically to customer needs.



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695 Barrack Road Tammin WA 6409